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Anonymous asked:

AU where what Bert and Annie do if there is a crowd and they are at the back, Annie sits on Berts shoulders and then tells everything to him second hand. While trying to listen herself.


"Okay, there’s a street performer behind the flower float. Fire thrower."

"He any good?"

"I guess. He’s got three batons going at once."

"Three? Pretty impressive…"


"What? What! Did he get hurt or something? Is he on fire??"

"No, I see fried oreos at the stand at the end of the block. Can you buy us some?"

"Yeah, sure thing."


"Yay? Annie, did you just say yay? I didn’t know you liked fried oreos so much….”

"No, that was for the fire thrower. He set his sleeve on fire. Heh."

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